7 months pregnant, looking for accurate information about breastfeeding. What are some resources I can use?

I am 7 months pregnant and hearing so much conflicting information about breastfeeding. I do believe in breastfeeding, but I also have some fears and concerns. What are some resources I can use?

First of all, let us tell you two things. One-- there is now tonnes of evidence which shows the undoubted benefits of breastfeeding, for both mother and child. Be it the nutrition of breast milk which cannot be replicated, or the immense benefits of skin-to-skin contact. Two-- having said that, what matters most is the mother’s health and comfort also, because the mother’s job of nurturing in different ways, is never-ending. So it is important to be guilt free, no matter what your choices.
The second point is what we would like to emphasize upon very strongly-- be guilt-free. Because as a mother you will always do nothing but the very best. We are sure you have read copious amounts of articles and reports already on this issue. If you still want resources you can check out the following–

In the seventh month of your pregnancy, just relax. If breastfeeding is scaring you, write to us so that we can connect you to a lactation consultant in your city. But also remember that we know many moms who have raised healthy, strong kids without being able to, or deciding to, breastfeed.
So, just ignore the infodemic, trust your maternal instinct, write to us if you need a lactation expert, and let go of every ounce of guilt. You will do great, and we wish you a safe, comfortable and healthy birthing soon! May you feel supported and empowered!

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