Confused about the tracking ovulation

I am trying to track and predict my ovulation, because my husband and I are trying. But I am confused about the tracking.

This is such a common question we are asked. So we recommend that you check this short video about what is ovulation–

And this quick video about how to track ovulation--

We just want to reiterate that it is not always easy to exactly calculate ovulation, because the Follicular Phase of the menstrual cycle changes from cycle to cycle. Also, it is okay if one does not ovulate sometimes in between. But if this happens regularly, or ovulation stops all together, then it is a very serious concern.
In India, you can buy some trusted brand for checking and tracking ovulation, from any average pharmacy, or online. Like-- i-know by Piramal, PregaPlan, or Homecheck Instant Ovulation Kit. You can also track your period and ovulation, if you are comfortable, using smartphone apps. Our preferred app is Clue, because they are very transparent and ethical about data privacy. If you are ready for a larger investment, you can go for fertility monitors like Inito, BLT Smart Fertility Monitor or OvaCue. Again, your health care provider would be best suited to tell you which tracking method suits you best, depending on your overall menstrual health, regularity of menstrual cycle, age, lifestyle predictability, awareness of body etc.

We wish you and your husband the very best for this wonderful journey of parenthood. May you love, support and empower each other through this journey!

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