I have PCOS but I am very skinny, so I can't understand what to do

I have PCOS but I am very skinny, so I can’t understand what to do.

It is a myth that only overweight women have PCOS, or that every woman with PCOS gains weight. You seem to have what is called Lean PCOS.
First, we recommend that you watch this quick video on what exactly PCOS is-- https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBGRn-1FsnO/?igshid=8wn01gtq5qm0
It is a metabolic reproductive disorder, influenced by insulin sensitivity and blood sugar dysregulation. So a person may be thin, or have a normal Body Mass Index (BMI), but might still have the hormonal imbalance.

As for advice on what to do, it will be much easier if we had more details about your age, lifestyle and health goals etc. But here is some general advice on dealing with Lean PCOS:
Get your fasting insulin and fasting glucose levels tested to get more insight into your insulin resistance.
Before trying to put on weight, or build “lean muscle” as some might suggest, find out from your doctor what your healthy weight is.
Always balance your blood sugar. This means, you should keep watch on your Glycemic Index (GI), that is, how much your blood sugar or insulin levels increase due to the intake of carbs. So, eat slow cards, which do not spike your blood sugar. Foods like rice and bread have very high glycemic index, so they should be avoided.
Pay attention to Vitamin D as it helps with insulin sensitivity.
Here are some further resources for you to look at:

Please remember to consult a trusted doctor to begin your healing journey. Don’t get started without a thorough investigation and proper diagnosis. We hope you feel better soon and find a treatment plan that works for you!

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