Lumpy parts in my breast, what could this be?

Sometimes I feel some lumpy parts in my breast, but not always. I am 32 years old. What could this be?

Right at the outset, let us first tell you that breast lumps are more common than you think, and most of them are neither cancerous nor dangerous. We recommend you flip through a breast care E-book which will bust myths about lumps in the breast, and also tell you the next steps you should take–

In a nutshell, don’t ignore a lump if you feel one, and visit a doctor immediately for a checkup. In case the cause of the lump cannot be ascertained through a physical exam at the clinic, you might need to go for a Mammogram or ultrasound or MRI. The e-book will tell you in detail about different reasons and varieties of lumps that can form in your breast. In many cases the cystic formations can be treated with antibiotics and they go away. Please let us know if you need a good recommendation for a doctor.
We hope you feel better soon. Don’t panic, and believe that your body is strong enough to help you heal!

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