Quite irregular periods with longer gaps. Should I lose weight?

My periods are quite irregular. Sometimes I have it after 25 days, but sometimes after 35 to 36 days once I had my periods only once in 2 months. Do I need to lose weight?

Weight issues, or weight gain, of any kind could be only one of the many reasons for irregular periods. More than weight loss or weight gain, we recommend that you maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), and ask your trusted doctor, what is the normal range for you.
We highly recommend you check out this very quick video on irregular periods and the various factors behind it–

Your experience sounds very much like a hormonal imbalance which needs to be investigated further. visit a trusted doctor (write to us if you need a recommendation). We also recommend you to try out seed cycling for better hormonal balance, after ensuring that you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to the seeds. While there is very limited, and inconclusive, evidence on whether this practice works, it is undoubtedly a great idea to add seeds and nuts to your daily diet as a habit. That’s why many experts recommend it, even though research on this is ongoing. This great resource will help you get started with seed cycling–

But please don’t delay consulting a doctor, because you seem to be having irregular periods over a considerable period of time. Make a note of your energy levels, experience of fatigue, dietary patterns, sleep quality and any abnormal bloating etc. This will help your doctor understand the direction of further testing.

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