Why am I continuously having spotting before periods?

I am continuously having spotting before periods. Why does it happen and it it normal?

It will be helpful if you can share what exactly you mean by “before” periods, because spotting can mean different things at different points of time throughout the menstrual cycle.
First of all, let us clearly define “spotting”-- It refers to light droppings of blood, outside of your menstruating days (periods). Very light bleeding 2-3 days before or after your period is often normal, and is not considered abnormal spotting.
But at other times, the following can be some of the reasons for spotting:

  1. Using birth control, whether you have just started or are switching your birth control methods. There are hormonal fluctuations affecting the stability of the uterine lining, thereby causing it to shed a little bit.
  2. Right after ovulation, in some women, the oestrogen levels drop too drastically. So, spotting may occur for a couple of days, till hormone levels are stabilized again.
  3. General hormonal imbalance in the body, when severe, can cause spotting. Especially in the case of thyroid imbalance. Fibroids, endometriosis and uterine polyps can also trigger spotting. Same with chronic stress and untreated Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).
  4. If spotting is accompanied with abdominal and pelvic pain, it could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, in case you are sexually active.
  5. Spotting is also common during perimenopause. So if you are above the age of 40, this could be a reason to investigate.
    If you are experiencing spotting more than 2-3 times a month, and over 2-3 months, please consult a Doctor. Normally it is nothing to worry about. But please keep an eye on other accompanying symptoms like cramps, abdominal pain, irregular periods, headache, sore breasts etc. This will help your doctor understand and narrow down the causes.
    We wish you all the good health. Please let us know if we can help you with any doctor recommendations.

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